Haiterbach Line


The Gutekunst family appeared in Haiterbach around 1565. It's progenitor is another Michael Gutekunst, born around 1545. He is married to Agnes Braun.

Haiterbach (which could be translated as "cheerful creek") was first mentioned in the year 1099. It received city rights - and thus the right for fortify - in 1349. In 1597 it received the right to hold an annual market day. Click here for the link to the official webpage of the city of Haiterbach.

Right: Detail of a 1590 Map showing Haiterbach



Haiterbach in the 1920s
Haiterbach around 1940


In the city of Haiterbach the Gutekunsts constituted the largest family through all ages. In the transcribed church records that list all individuals born, baptized, married and burried in the city from the late 1500s to 1900, the family covers 20 pages (pp. 69-88). For Gutekunsts origniating from Haiterbach these church book transcripts are a Gold Mine. Since all individuals are linked with page references, it is so easy to establish a family tree with all branches way back to 1550. Some day when I will have got some time to kill, I will do that, but this is a job is likely to take several days, since far over 1000 Gutekunst individuals are listed here.  

Aerial view of Haiterbach


The Gutekunst family of Haiterbach is well documented in the "Ortssippenbuch":


These above transcripts (Title: "Sippenbuch Haiterbach") can be ordered for 25 Euro (ca. $ 30) at the Haiterbach city administration:

To see this page enlarged, click here or on picture above. Since it is a large file it will take some time to load.


Stadtverwaltung Haiterbach
Rathaus, Marktplatz 1.
72221 Haiterbach
Telephone (+49) 7456-9388
Fax (+49) 7456-9388-39

Also a two volume history books on the city can be ordered here. The first volume (Euro 10, ca. $ 12) convers the time till the year 1525. The second volume (Euro 30, ca. $ 36) covers the period from 1525 to 1997. See Haiterbach Website for details and see the scan of the title page of one of the volumes below:

Titlepage of the Website of the Town of Haiterbach (click here)








City Hall (above) and fountain of Haiterbach (right).


Still today there are Gutekunsts living in Haiterbach. There is also a fairly large Manufacturer of kitchens. Click here to get to get to the Gutekunst Kitchen Webpage.  


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