Maps of the Horb-Nagold Area


The oldest Map of the area dating from 1590.
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But where is the area of origin of the Gutekunst family located? For those of you who live outside Germany and who may not be familiar with German topography, the two maps below will give an idea of the geographical origins of the Gutekunst family. On the left a map of Germany and its states (the state of origin marked with a circle), and on the right a map of the State of Baden-Württemberg where the area of origin around the city of Nagold has been marked in Red.




The Gutekunsts come from the Black Forest region. This map of 1851 shows the "Schwarzwald Kreis", the Black Forest administrative region. On the right a magnified view.


Map of the Haiterbach-Nagold area of 1900


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