Gündringen-Schietingen Line


The the Gündringen-Schietingen Line appears first with Michael Gutekunst, who was born there around 1589, and who dies "age 80" in nearby Schietingen on 20 September 20 1669. His wife is a certain Maria. This Gündringen line (my ancestry) established itself in neighboring Schietingen. Here it rapidly multiplies and becomes one of the dominant families of the village.



Right: Detail of a 1590 Map showing Gündringen (here "Gindriching") and Schietingen (here "Schietting").



An old lithographic postcard of Gündringen, dating 1903.



Gündringen in 1919

Gündringen from the air in 1954



Gündringen as seen from Schietingen (1974)



Right: Book of the History of the village of Gündringen sold by the town council




The Valley of Schietingen in 1967 (in the background to the right lies Gündringen)

The Village of Schietingen in 1926


The village of Schietingen was first mentioned in 1088 (see text on left) For a chronology of Schietingen in German click here.


The Schietingen Webpage

Even though we find an earlier Gutekunst in Gündringen (Jakob Gutekunst born ca. 1570), who might be the father, older brother or uncle of the above Michael, the Gündringen branch of the family is also likely to originate from Haiterbach where we find Gutekunsts as early as 1545. The reason that I believe this, is that in Gündringen we have only scattered finds of Gutekunsts, and even before the year 1600 the family has dissappeared there. In Haiterbach however there is a quite fair number of Gutekunst individuals already in the late 1500s, which is proof that the family had lived in that location for at least several decades. Another hint is that Jakob Gutekunst's daughter, Martha Gutekunst (born around 1605), married in 1624 a fellow in Haiterbach - thus there were connections and population movemets between the two towns.

The Gutekunst Family of Gündringen and Schietingen is well documented in the "Ortssippenbuch", and covers almost 20 pages. The title page of the Ortssippenbuch, as well as the first page on the Gutekunst are shown here. This book can be purchased at the Nagold town administration.


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Some Town Views of Schietingen

To make all Gutekunst of this line that live abroad a bit homesick

View from Gündringen towards Schietingen

(to the left) A typical Schietingen house, constructed from wodden bars and the spaces in between filled with bricks or clay. This is called "Fachwerk" in German.











In the same Ortssippenbuch descibed above can also be found a section on the Gutekunst of Iselshausen, that descend from the Gündringen-Schietingen line.

Above: the village of Iselshausen

My line of Gutekunsts
branched off and settled in around 1760 in neigbouring Iselshausen. There they lived for three generations before moving on to Weilimdorf in 1848.


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