Oberschwandorf Line

Oberschwandorf is likely to be the ancient home of all Gutekunsts. Here we find a Michel Guttikunst as early as the year 1427 listed as witness in a book of pious church donations ("Jahrzeitstiftungen").

Also in the 16th century tax registers of Oberschwandorf Gutekunsts are shown to be the dominant family of that town.

The village of Oberschwandorf is located in the beautiful Waldach Valley on the edge of the Black Forest at an altitude of 437 to 600 Meters a.s.l.

Right: Detail of a 1590 Map showing Oberschwandorf (here "O. Schwandorf" = "Upper Schwandorf") and Unterschwandorf (here: "Under Schwandorf" = "Lower Schwandorf").



Aerial view of Oberschwandorf (ca. 1930)


The church registers of Oberschwandorf start fairly late in the year 1650. By that time already a number of Gutekunst appear and it is unfortunately not possible to link them.

The Parish transcripts (Ortssippenbuch) for the years 1650-1930 list 58 Gutekunst family heads and many children.

The earliest one is Wolff Gut(t)e(n)kunst whom we oly know since his son married in neighbouring Nagold. He was born around 1520 and married in about 1545 a certain Margaretha. There are several other members of that family that cannor be connected. We find Gregor, Jörg, Michael, Hanss, Michel, Cunrad, Georg, Martin, Jacob and to further individuals with the name Hanss.

The earliest family member from whom all later Gutekunsts of Oberschwandorf descent is Simon Gutekunst, who is born ca. 1611. He is married twice, first around 1640 with Magdalena and then in 1681, already aged 70 years, with Magdalena Waltz. In the first marriage 11 children were born, none in the second marriage.

The family is well documented in the "Ortssippenbuch":


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Compared to Haiterbach and Schietingen, the Oberschwandorf line is fairly small in number. Many individuals of that Oberschwandorf family have very apparently left the town and settled in the villages around it.



Right: Tree of the Oberschwandorf Gutekunst Family in the "Ortssippenbuch". Also the individuals that could not be connected are shown here (click here for enlarged view).



A typical Farm House in Oberschwandorf


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