Origins of the Family

The Gutekunsts are an old linage of farmers originating from the eastern foothills of the Black Forest Mountains in south-western Germany. In the Nagold Valley we first find them in the village of Oberschwandorf where a Michel Guttikunst is listed as witness in a book of pious church donations ("Jahrzeitstiftungen") in the year 1427.


The German artist Julius Gutekunst (1883-1966), a descendant of the Haiterbach line, painted the ancient home
of the Gutekunst family, the rolling foothills and valleys of the Black Forest

Signature of the Artist J. Gutekunst

In the tax lists of the Turkish wars dating from the year 1545, the Gutekunst Family accounts for one third of households of (Ober)schwandorf (8 out of 24). The spelling is then Guttenkust, Guttencust and for female family members Guttenkustin. First names back then are Gorgus, Michel, Hans, Anna, Wolff, Jerg and Lipp.


In the 16th century the Gutekunst family started slowly to spread to neigboring villages. In the 1545 tax list we find a Marx Gutencust in Beyhingen.

In Haiterbach, later one of the stongholds of the family, Gutekunsts apprear only in the second half of the 16th century. The very detailed Haiterbach tax lists of 1525 and 1545 mention no Gutekunsts there. Also in the villages of Gündringen, Schietingen, and Nagold members of the Gutekunst family appear only after 1565.


Nagold town and river in 1663. The administrative capital of the region
where our forefathers came from. Here Gutekunsts first appear in 1572.

We know of several distinct lines that do not connect by data from the parish registers (these registers start only in the late 1500s). These are the Oberschwandorf Line, the Gündringen-Schietingen Line and the Haiterbach Line. Note that to date no other origin than these three lines is known. Thus, even if you have no clue where your Gutekunsts came from, you can be sure that you are a descendent of one of these two lines and that your folks originate from the German Black Forest.


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